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Graduate from the National School of Bridges and Roads (Ponts et Chaussées - Paris), I have been strongly involved in research, higher education and partnership with the socio-economic sector. During the period 2007 -2012, I acted as Vice President “Research and innovation” at the University Lille1. I was also president of the Innovation Agency “Lille Metropole Technopole” for regional economic development via innovation.
My research activity concerns smart and sustainable cities, sustainable management of natural resources and geo-environmental Engineering.
For 10 years, I acted as director of the Regional Research Laboratory “Civil and Geo-Environment Engineering - LGCgE” (around 200 members included 90 PhD students).  
Since January 2011, I coordinate a large-scale Smart City project “SunRise: a large-scale demonstrator of the smart and sustainable city” which involves a large partnership with local government, water, energy and information technology providers and startups. I coordinated also the French partners of the European project “SmartWater4Europe”. I work with some cities and other local governments on the construction of road maps for smart city implementation.
I conducted an intensive research activity with a strong socio-economic partnership. My activity resulted in about 120 refereed journal papers (appendix 1) and the supervision of around 90 PhD (appendix 2) dissertations and more than 5 million Euros of industrial and public contracts.
Recently, I gave more than 30 lectures on topics related to cities: Sustainable cities, Smart cities, and Resilient Cities, including tow TEDx talks.
In addition to my courses at Lille University, I give lectures about the Smart and Sustainable City in different institutions such as Tongji University in Shanghai, American University of Sciences and Technology (AUST) in Beirut, ESPRIT in Tunis and Ecole Nationale d’Administration (l’ENA – Paris).

Academic Education

June 1982 : Civil Engineering Diploma (Master), Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris

· June 1982: Master’s degree in applied Mechanics, University of Paris VI. 

· December 1984:       Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et  Chaussées, Paris

· September 1988:      Habilitation (Degree required for professor position), Lille1 University 

Professional Experience
· 1984-1985: Assistant Professor at Lille University, Polytech’Lille
· 1985-1989: “Maître de Conférences” at Lille University, Polytech’Lille
· Jan 1989- Sept 89: Research Engineer at the French Institute of Petroleum, Paris.
· 1989-1997: Professor at Ecole Centrale de Lille
· Since1997: Professor at Lille University, Polytech’Lille
Major positions
· Since September 2010: Responsible of the SUNRISE project “Large scale Demonstrator of the Smart and Sustainable City” 
· Since January 2010: Director of the International master’s degree “Urban Engineering and Habitat”.
· 2010 - 2019: Director of the Civil and geo-Environmental Engineering Regional Laboratory (LGCgE) (200 members, included 90 PhD students)
· 2007-2012: Vice President “Research & Innovation” of Lille1 University (1200 faculty members, 1000 PhD Student, 43 Research Laboratories in the field of fundamental science, engineering, economy, social sciences and management).
· 2007 – 2012: President of the Innovation Agency “Lille Metropole Technopole” for regional economic development via innovation
· 2011 – 2013: President of the Regional Innovation Center” Contactless Technology” 


  • ​Author of about 170 refereed journal papers 

  • · Full supervision of about 100 PhD dissertations in the area of Smart and Sustainable Cities, geo-environment, urban engineering.

  • · Research Expert for various funded research programs.

  • · Successfully carried out research programs for Urban Services providers, Local authorities, French Research Ministry and European commission (more than 40 funded projects). 

  • · Consulting activity for local government ‘Road Map for Smart City implementation”

Education Activ

  • Sustainable City, International Master’s Degree “Urban Engineering and Habitat”, Lille University

  • Natural Disaster and Urban soils, International Master “Urban Engineering and Habitat”, Lille University.

  • Urban Systems, Mastere “CréaCity”, Polytech’Lille.

  • Urban Government, Civil Engineering master’s degree, Lille University

  • Energy and Sustainable Development, Civil Engineering master’s degree, Lille University

  • Smart City: Concept and Implementation, master’s degree, American University of Science and Technology, Beirut

  • Smart Underground Space, Tongji University, Shanghai

  • Smart city and territories professional training, Al Riyad, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Editorial Activity

  • Associate Editor of Infrastructures Journal (MDPI)

  •  Associate Editor of Smart Cities Journal (MDPI)

  • Editorial Member of Underground Space Journal (Elsevier)

  •  Guest editor for the special issue “Smart Underground Space” of the Underground Space Journal

  • Guest editor for the special issue “Infrastructures in the Smart City” of the Infrastructures Journal

  • Guest editor for the special issue “Urban water and Energy” of “Energies” Journal

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